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What is a Partner Program?

Sell365 gives you multiple ways to make more money. The revenue streams are through creation of websites, client referral, and sale of apps, themes, and images .

Who can be a Partner?

Web designers, developers, freelancers, SEO, media companies, content writers, photographers, individuals, and websites ( affiliates ).

How Can a Partner create Merchant Stores?

Sign up for the partner program, and from your dashboard you can creates stores for multiple merchants.

What are the earning possibilities for a Partner in Sell365?

By Creating websites/ web-store, templates, banners, and widgets. A partner can also earn by selling the content and also by referring a merchant.

How can a Partner earn through Merchants?

You can always white label our subscription plans for providing services .
Designing , installation, and setup fees also can be asked for your services.

How can I pay?

Net-banking , credit cards , debit cards , and cash deposits .

How will I receive payments ?

All the payments will be transferred into your bank account linked with us.

When will I receive commission for my work ?

For creating web-stores /websites for merchant:-
You can collect payments from merchant and transfer us the amount by deducting your commission .
If payment is collected by us then we will transfer all the payments on the 25th of every month .

When will my billing period starts ?

Your billing starts from the day u go live. After u create a merchant id and publish your site , your billing cycle starts .

Can I pay monthly ?

No, we don’t have a monthly subscription plan, all our plans are annual .

What if I’m a photographer ?

Smile please! You can sell your images, and videos from our platform to all the partners .
We will pass up to 70% of the sales generated .
We will also get you business leads and showcase your profile.
Our partners can get in touch with you for their clients requirements.

What if I’m an individual ?

Great! make some extra money just by learning about our platform.
Join our affiliate program, get us the business and we will pass up to 25% referral fees.
Also you can create work for your leads and take up to 50% revenue share on our subscription plan.

What are my revenue streams as a partner ?

Create website /webstore for your clients and take 50% as revenue share on all our subscription plans (except free plans ). When you sell your images, application , templates , photos , and content , we pass 70% back to you. Refer a business and get 25% as revenue share for a lifetime .

Are any taxes applicable?

Yes , Service tax of 12.36% will be deducted from all the earnings .

What happens in case of dispute, related to the revenue I have been paid?

For any payment disputes, contact your Sell 365 partner manager with the full details of the issue. Will review your query and give you the best solution.

How do i cancel my account ?

Please contact your Sell365 partner manager.

What are the terms of service ?

Please click the link. ( show the link)

What if am I selling an application ?

You have three options available.
One time fee: Sell your app by asking for an one time fee .
Subscription: Ask for a monthly subscription fee.
Freemium: Offer it free. It helps you to create more awareness about your product and company and also you can always convert them into a paid customer by giving premium version of your app.

How many merchants I can register?

You can register any no of merchants under you . “The more you sell , The more you earn.”

Will I be paid for a customer sign up under a free account ?

No , there will not be payments for a customer who signs up for free .

What if he upgrades into a paid plan?

Yes. Then you will be paid for all paid plans. You will also be paid for any upgradation on the basics of the plan subscribed by the merchant.

When does the billing for an upgradation starts ?

No matter when you upgrade, your billing starts from the day you upgrade.

How do i hand over the work to my client ?

Whenever you work on a new client, you will have to create a merchant login, which is unique for all. Once your work is done, guide them through the following steps:

1. Educate them on the functionality of Live Editor, merchant dashboard. Show him the demo, for a better understanding.
2. Teach them how to install Sell365 mobile apps and its functionalities.
3. Pass him the merchant id and login details. Also tell him to change the password.
4. Once the password is changed and the payment is received, his store will go live.

What information do I need to access to my client's site ?

You can access the Live Editor and few functionalities on the dashboard.Please click the link for more info. ( show the link ).

What are all the resources I can use from Sell365?

Any content that is marked as free , you can use it for your project any number of times. But, it can be used only on the Sell365 platform.

What about upgradation ?

All our upgradation are absolutely free .

What if I'm not satisfied with the services ?

We will give you a 30 day trial free period. If you are not satisfied, then you can cancel it at   any time. There will be no refunds on cancellation on the midway .

What all I cannot sell through Sell365 platform?

You cannot use our platform to sell porns, any banned goods, drugs, and products prohibited in your country or state.




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